The cells that make up our body, can transform into other structures and renew themselves continuously with their ability to reproduce are called stem cells. Stem cells in the skin provide the protection of skin balance, repair and regeneration.
They are found in the skin, hair follicles, dermis and adipose tissue. These stem cells, which have the ability to proliferate without limit and return to any cell, have been used in medicine for both treatment and regeneration with the studies carried out in recent years.
Where to get svf?
They can be obtained from bone marrow, blood and adipose tissue in the human body. The main source of stem cell therapy for skin rejuvenation is adipose tissue. Adipose tissue blood supply is very good, it contains a rich cell source that can be used in the repair and regeneration of tissues.
So what is this SVF?
SVF is actually a heterogeneous collection of cells derived from adipose tissue. SVF contains adipocytes, periadipocytes, mesenchymal stem cells (MSC), pericytes, endothelial cells, macrophages and adipose tissue derived stem cells (ADSC). Mesenchymal stem cells and ADSC are adult stem cells. These stem cells can be added to tissue basic structures and used in the repair of damaged tissue in hard and soft tissue.
What are stem cells used for?
With tissue injections rich in stem cells, your face is renewed in the most healthy and natural way.
Facial stem cell therapy is a method applied both to delay aging and to remove the effects of aging, to restore the youth of the person’s skin and to eliminate the loss of elasticity. This method is also effective in the treatment of acne scars caused by various reasons.
How are stem cells applied?
Fat is taken from the patient under local anesthesia in outpatient clinic conditions. Afterwards, SVF, that is, the stem cell-rich part, is obtained from this oil with special processes. It is then injected into the skin.
We start to see the effects after the stem cell procedure after the 1st month, but the effect is permanent and increases day by day.
After the procedure, patients can go home the same day. Facial stem cell injection is an application that does not require hospitalization. There may be a slight redness and edema in the first few days after the application. Bruising can be seen in the area where the fat is removed. However, since a small amount of fat is taken, pitting, dimples and irregularities are not expected in the tissue.