SygmaLift Fractional HIFU Non-Surgical Skin Lift System.

(Fractional Lines of Focal Energy)

SygmaLift Fractional HIFU (Fractional high-intensity focused ultrasound) is a non-invasive anti-aging system that increases collagen production by stimulating the lower layers of the skin with high-intensity focused acoustic waves, thus providing tightening and stretching of the skin in the face, neck and décolleté area. It has been scientifically proven that acoustic waves increase the skin’s collagen tissue elasticity, blood flow, enzymatic activities, fibroblast production and new collagen formation.

  1. SygmaLift Fractional HIFU, which offers three systems together, offers region and application specific heads and

effective thanks to combined applications,

It provides a sensitive and fast treatment.

Linear Focal Ultrasound for Rejuvenation
Three micro-focal ultrasound for lifting
Cold Laser (LLLT) for skin toning and vitality

  1. SygmaLift combines the latest Patented Focal Ultrasound technologies.

Spot Ultrasound
Three Micro-focal Ultrasound
Linear focal ultrasound

  1. Uses SygmaLift Gold probe technology versus conventional amalgate heads

High metal density of precious metals gives better results and longer probe life

  1. No pain is felt during the SygmaLift Fractional HIFU application. Compared to other HIFU systems, the pain caused by SygmaLift HIFU Fractional system is so low that neuroreceptors cannot detect it and transmit it to the brain.

Advantages of SygmaLift Therapy

Anesthesia is not applied during the application, there is no feeling of pain.
After the application;
No bruising, swelling or pain
There is no unequal appearance and distribution in the skin and subcutaneous tissue.
It is used to treat skin inequalities after surgical liposuction.
The patient returns to his social life immediately.
How does it affect?

Every year our dermal collagen decreases by 1%. In addition, aging leads to a decrease in the number of fibroblasts in the skin and water loss. All these cause weakening of the connective tissue under the skin and cause wrinkles and sagging on your skin.

At this stage, with SygmaLift HIFU, heat zones are created in the lower layers of the skin as point and linear, or superficially (eg around the eyes) according to the applied area. In this way, fibroblast synthesis, oxygen exchange of the skin and collagen production are increased. All this strengthens the skin connective tissue. The strengthened connective tissue ensures that the skin is healthier and stretched, thus the lifting effect takes place.


Sagging of the facial skin and oval
Sagging of the chin and jowl area
Around the eyes (crow’s feet and under-eye bags)
neck lift
Decollete area wrinkles
Nasolabial wrinkles
eyebrow lift
Skin toning and brightening
forehead wrinkles