Since our skin in the neck area is thinner and more sensitive than our face, it can easily wrinkle. Advancing age, environmental and genetic factors cause sagging of the neck and jowl region with the effect of gravity.

In this method, threads that can be completely absorbed by the skin are placed under the skin in the neck and jowl area in 20-30 minutes, the number of which is determined according to the needs of the patient. The procedure is performed with local anesthesia.

These threads, which are compatible with the skin and can be absorbed by the skin, which do not need to be removed, retain water in the neck and thanks to the ingredients in the food, and increase the production of fibrinogen and collagen in that area. Increasing proteins make the skin look tighter, more moist and more dynamic.

A visible incision or surgical scar does not appear when a chin surgery is performed with a thread.

Who Can Be Applied To Stretching Neck and Jowl With Rope?

It can be applied to all patients who do not have a health problem that prevents the implementation of neck and jowl stretching with thread. In general, people between the ages of 35-60 and those with a lot of neck wrinkles are suitable candidates for the application. Thread neck and chin lift, which is a non-surgical procedure, gives your neck a taut and youthful appearance in a short time without any stretching.