A liquid face lift is the injection of dermal fillers into the skin to plump the skin.
It differs from a surgical facelift in that it does not involve cutting the skin. After the procedure, the social life of the person is not interrupted.
In the liquid face lift process, fillings of different densities are applied with a special technique. Thus, lifting is provided without swelling on the face.
With this application, under-eye bags can be hidden, laxity and tissue loss in the cheeks can be eliminated, loosening and sagging around the chin can be eliminated, sagging of the lip edges can be corrected, the face looks brighter and younger.
To whom can it be applied?
The ideal candidate for a liquid facelift is someone with relatively few wrinkles and a small amount of sagging. If you have a lot of sagging skin or you want stunning results, combined filling applications with device and thread applications or surgical facelift will be more suitable for you.