Laser treatment for acne scars minimizes the appearance of pitted scars from old acne. About ninety percent of people with acne have scars of varying severity.These scars are at the same level as the skin (postinflammatory hyperpigmentation), sunken acne scars. It can be as (atrophic scar, ice pick scar, Rolling scar, boxcar scar) or raised from the skin (hypertrophic).

Laser treatment for acne scars focuses light on the upper layers of your skin to break up scar tissue. At the same time, the treatment encourages new, healthy skin cells to grow and replace scar tissue. The fractional laser made for this purpose destroys the worn collagen under the skin and creates new supports collagen formation. Although this treatment does not completely remove acne scars, it can reduce their appearance. The success rate increases when laser treatment, which is generally preferred for sunken acne scars, is combined with mesotherapies that stimulate collagen production, filler applications and creams prescribed as creams. When should acne scar treatment be done? If a successful result is desired for acne scar treatment, it will be much better to start the treatment in the early period. In acne treatment, treatment should be started without delay, active acne should be treated first, and then acne scar treatment should be applied. How many sessions of acne scar treatments should be done? For acne scars, 4-5 sessions are usually required at intervals of 2-4 weeks. There may be redness on the skin after the procedure.
Fractional Post-Laser Skin Care
You may experience redness, swelling and sometimes spot bleeding immediately after treatment. The intensity and duration of your side effects depend on the aggressiveness of the treatment and the individual healing characteristics. It depends. Applying a cold compress to your skin after the procedure will reduce edema and redness. Care should be taken for sun protection after the procedure. Peeling, scrub, etc. should not be done for the first week after the treatment. Augmenting products should not be used. In the first week after treatment, it contains madecassoid, hyaluronic acid, ceramide that repairs the skin. Moisturizing creams should be used.