Stretch marks are long and wavy skin marks that usually form on the abdomen, arms, back, hips, chest and shoulders. They occur when your body expands rapidly for any reason, such as rapid weight gain, pregnancy, rapid growth, and your skin does not stretch enough to handle it. Although the cracks can be treated with creams when they are pink-red when they first occur, procedures such as laser, gold needle, mesotherapy that destroy the damaged collagen and stimulate new collagen production in white, old cracks are the only options. Erbium YAG laser treatment, on the other hand, opens the micro channels in the skin and goes down to the lower layers, stimulating new collagen synthesis and tightening the skin. It has become a very preferred treatment alternative in the treatment of cracks due to its short recovery time and minimal side effects. The treatment process depends on the size, location, depth of the cracks and the time they first appear. Newly formed skin cracks will give the fastest response to treatment. Generally, 4 sessions are performed at intervals of 3-4 weeks. A 50-60% reduction in response to treatment is expected.