Broken capillaries are usually the thinnest or most sensitive of the skin, such as the face, cheeks, and nose.
occurs where it is. Especially sun, hot weather, wind, sunburn, trauma
or conditions such as rosacea can cause capillaries.
With the laser beams concentrated on the capillaries, the blood, which we call hemoglobin,
laser beams are absorbed by the substance giving its color. Thus, the vessel is destroyed and the blood
the non-carrying vessel disappears.
With the 1064 nm ND-YAG laser used for this process, small-medium-large whole vessels
can be targeted.
The number of sessions varies according to the vessel size and number, but it is usually a single session and
Afterwards, a control session is sufficient.
Post treatment
After treatment, a slight swelling under the treated area will disappear within a few hours.
there may be swelling.
There may be a temporary rash on the skin.
Rarely, mild bruising or crusting may occur.