BBL (Broadband Light Laser)

BBL stands for Broadband Light (broad spectrum light). BBL laser treatment aims to provide effective skin rejuvenation in the deep and superficial layers of the skin by thermally damaging the skin and stimulating collagen production as a result.

The BBL laser generates heat and light that continues to propagate at wavelengths ranging from 560 to 1200 nm. It is widely used to remove fine wrinkles on the skin, age-related facial sagging, sagging in the arms and abdomen.
improves skin texture quality, treats discoloration on skin blemishes, capillary enlargement and other vessel formations, rosacea and acne; In short, it provides skin rejuvenation in all skin layers in a broad sense. It is a procedure that is effective in all body parts. We mostly apply it to the face, neck, cleavage, arms and hands.

How is BBL Laser Treatment Applied?

Depending on the skin problem, it is applied in 3-8 sessions with 4 week intervals. It can be applied both in summer and winter. It has no side effects other than mild redness. The patient can continue his daily life. It is recommended to use sunscreen cream. Results can be noticed immediately after the procedure.