Botox is an injectable muscle relaxant whose active ingredient is botulinum toxin. Botulinum toxin is available in the market under the brand names botox or dysport. Botox, which is used to suppress nerve conduction and temporarily paralyze the muscles, is also preferred in the treatment of teeth clenching and grinding.

Masseter hypertrophy is when the masseter muscle, which is located on the side of the jaw area and is known as the strongest chewing muscle, grows and becomes prominent. With the masseter botox applied for the treatment of this ailment, the lower part of the face is thinned. After the chin botox procedure, which is not a surgical procedure, the patient can continue his daily life immediately.

What is Masseter Botox used for?

– Teeth grinding treatment

– Clenching teeth, reducing jaw tension, pain and clenching

  • Relieve headache

– Thinning the expanding jaw form

– Creating a balanced face shape

How long does the masseter botox procedure take? The implementation of the procedure takes approximately 5-10 minutes. After the application, it is possible to return to working life. The effect of the procedure is fully seen in 3-4 weeks.