Electromagnetic Stimulation

Focus Slim device provides us a great opportunity in body shaping and slimming by using electromagnetic wave technology (EMS). With the HIFEM technology, it provides a very serious development and progress in the muscles by affecting the nerves going to the muscles, and at the same time, it melts these fat tissues by affecting the fat tissues above and below the muscles. Thus, it provides a 30% reduction in fat ratio and a 25% increase in muscle ratio in 4 sessions applied at intervals of
only 4 days. In short, it enlarges the muscles and melts the fat in the areas we apply, thus offering us a much thinner and shaped body structure. Although at least 4 sessions are recommended, the required session varies according to the doctor’s control. In addition, we get much more successful results from our patients since EMS technology is combined with dietitians and i.v. fat burning serums in our clinic.

So In Which Areas Is This Device Applied?

• Tightening and thinning especially in the belly
• Tightening and thinning of the inner leg, foreleg and hind leg in the legs
• A tightening and lifting in the butt part
• Forearm and hind arm are tightened and
widened in the arms area.